Custom Made-to-Measure

At Grisha’s Custom Shoes, we believe that every foot deserves a perfect fit. As a master shoemaker, Grisha and his team are dedicated to designing and handcrafting shoes that are made just for you. Whether you’re a Hollywood star, someone with unique foot conditions, or a fashion-forward individual who values premium quality, Grisha’s Custom Shoes caters to your needs.

Our Process: 

  1. Your feet are measured with precision to ensure that every detail is taken into account.
  2. Grisha sculpts the lasts, or molds, to match the exact shape and form of your feet.
  3. Grisha designs a pattern to cut the shoe upper, selecting only the finest quality leather to ensure maximum flexibility and durability, whether it’s smooth or grained calfskin, or exotic skins like crocodile, lizard, and ostrich.
  4. The carefully crafted leather upper, once cut and sewn, is seamlessly attached to the lasts and base of the shoe sole, offering a comfortable, lightweight feel with a rubber sole or a rigid and polished look with an all-leather sole.
  5. The final assembly takes place when the sole and heel are attached, and Grisha applies the final finishing touches to ensure quality and elegance.

We understand the significance of well-crafted shoes, which is why we take the time to meticulously create each pair to meet your specific requirements and offer the ultimate comfort and support. From the precise measurements of your feet to the selection of only the finest materials, every detail is taken into account to produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that not only looks beautiful but fits you perfectly. With a commitment to craftsmanship, Grisha’s custom shoes are more than just footwear – they are a timeless reflection of your unique style and individuality.